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We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Antoine de Saint-Exupēry


Eco-Trends originated from the feeling of responsibility for our planet. Our mission is to present an ecological lifestyle through education, promotion of eco-oriented attitudes, as well as to introduce brands that are socially responsible. 

Eco-Trends is the most ecological event in Poland, bringing together representatives of government, local governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), start-ups, large socially responsible brands, enthusiasts of sustainable development and all social groups. 


  • presentation of socially responsible brands (CSR)
  • presentation of the activities run by non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • most interesting ecology-focused start-ups
  • presentation of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles
  • test drives of electric vehicles
  • environmental education
  • presentation of government programmes related to ecology
  • furniture renovation, styling and repair workshops
  • repair of small electronic equipment
  • sewing of bags from advertising banners
  • workshops on preparing natural cosmetics and household detergents
  • exchange of books
  • garage sale
  • collection of recyclable materials

    as well as conferences, panel discussions, workshops and environmental actions.

Six thematic zones:

1. corporate social responsibility (CSR)

CSR is a business management strategy that voluntarily takes into account social and environmental interests. Social responsibility involves investments in human resources, environmental protection, as well as creating positive relations in the company's environment. Spreading the word about such activities contributes to the increase of the company's competitiveness and shaping conditions for sustainable social and economic development.
Eco-Trends will feature presentations of the leaders who implement CSR in their company’s policy.

2. non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

Non governmental organisations are entities which are not public administration units and their activities are not profit-making. They are, however, an important element of civil society and democracy. Non-governmental organisations can perform a variety of functions - social, political, and economic.
The NGO zone will feature presentations of the activities carried out by the largest NGOs in Poland and abroad.

3. ecological education

Ecological awareness of Poles is constantly growing, but social campaigns in this area are still required. Ecological education is primarily aimed at preparing the society for conscious and proper conduct contributing to respect for the environment.

The ecological education zone, arranged as part of Eco-Trends, will feature presentations of government programmes related to ecological education, as well as numerous conferences, practical workshops, discussion panels and games aimed at promoting knowledge about the environment, shaping pro-ecological attitudes and responsibility for the condition of the environment we live in.

4. start-ups

In the era of growing problems associated with the climate crisis, there is a growing demand for green start-ups, which create solutions (products and services) that can reduce our footprint on the environment. Start-ups help to change habits and live healthily.

The Start-ups zone will feature presentations of the most interesting green start-ups in Poland.

5. climate

There is no denying that combating climate change is extremely important for us and future generations. The campaign for the climate has already begun. It is not only happening in the greatest arenas worldwide, but also in Polish companies and homes. The conscious choices we make every day, shape the future for the next generations.

The Climate zone will feature broad discussions on solutions concerning climate protection.

6. electromobility

The number of electric vehicles is constantly increasing. They are interesting for both private users and municipalities. Electromobility is also one of the key areas for the Polish government. Electric vehicles are seen as the future of transport and one of the ways to reduce air emissions.

In addition to the theory, legal framework, funding, development opportunities, the Electromobility zone will feature presentations of electric vehicles and the infrastructure for charging them. Also, feel encouraged to visit the electric vehicle test drive zone.

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