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Feel encouraged to participate in Eco-Trends, the most important environmental event in Central and Eastern Europe! It is the biggest presentation of ecological innovations and inspirations for business and individual customers! Check out the possibility of getting your company promoted during Eco-Trends.

Ecology and climate change issues are more and more often the subject for discussions in the public space. That is why the environmental awareness of consumers as well as recipients of products and services, is growing. Customers start to choose brands that are environmentally responsible. Therefore, it is extremely important to take conscious actions in business and everyday life in order to develop sustainability and protect nature.


Eco-Trends is a gathering spot for representatives of business, government and local authorities, the media and, above all, all, those interested in an ecological lifestyle. As the event is attended by people from so many sectors, the four-day event organised by the MTP Group is an excellent opportunity to make new business connections, broaden your general knowledge of ecology and to present what your business offers.

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