27 million less plastic packaging per year


The Danish decorative supermarket chain started replacing bedding and sheet packaging from plastic with paper tapes. This will remove 27 million plastic bags a year.

The first products in packaging made of ecological, paper tape will hit stores soon. Plastic ones will be sold while stocks last, previously ordered goods.

The reduction of 27 million plastic packages among the bedding and sheets that JYSK sells each year will eliminate approximately 475 tonnes of harmful plastic from the environment each year.

The new packaging is made of FSCTM certified material (FSCTM N001715). FSCTM is an abbreviation of Forest Stewardship CouncilTM, a non-profit organization responsible for the labeling system for wood and paper derived from sustainable forest cultivation, taking into account the plant and animal environment. The FSC label is about environmental, social and economic responsibility.

Ecological packaging will also support home recycling among customers. The paper tapes can be recycled.