Apple focuses on ecological solutions


The company plans, among others make iPhone from 100% recycled materials.

Apple contributes to every company to be associated with a green company that cares about the environment. Reduces air emissions, activate renewable energy and materials with effect.

Renewable only

With Tim Cooak, CEO of Apple, by 2030, the company will abandon resource consumption and switch to renewable. "The challenge now is to raise people's awareness of increasing carbon emissions and hope for alcohol neutrality all the way down the chain to the end consumer," he said. For example, 40% of aluminum used for production, as well as computer control devices, recycling, 98% recycling for the iPhone 12 series. In the wake of the environment and to trace its carbon footprint, the company removed the charger from the smartphone.

Real actions

Apple already has a lot to boast about minimizing environmental damage. For example, 40% of the aluminum used in Mac computers is recycled, as is 98% of the rare earths in the iPhone 12 series. To protect the environment and reduce carbon footprint, the company has removed the charger from its smartphone supplies.

The company's policy results primarily from minimizing environmental damage, but also from the risks that may arise from the shortage of components for the production of electronics.


Source: Gizchina