Coffee to go? Yes, in a reusable cup, please!


Polish cafes - like others in European cities - introduce a deposit for cups.

Disposable cups generate a lot of waste. On average, such a cup is needed only for 15 minutes, and then it goes to the trash. About 3 billion of these cups are consumed annually.

What is the answer? The ideal solution is to be able to buy coffee for your cup. Unfortunately, not all coffee shops have introduced this option.

Another solution is the deposit system for reusable cups proposed by Take! Cup. Following the example of other European cities, such as Berlin, coffee shops in Poland are introducing such solutions in their establishments. We can drink coffee in a reusable cup, among others. in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków and Katowice.

According to Take! Cup, one cup replaces 1000 disposables. How does the system work? When buying coffee in the Take! Cup, a deposit of PLN 5 is payable. After returning the mug, the deposit will be refunded. Coffee can be bought in Warsaw, and the mug can be returned to the partner of the campaign, e.g. in Gdańsk.