L'Oreal has invested EUR 4 million in a water station


In the factory in Kanie, L'Oreal opened the largest development investment so far. It is the first such installation in the cosmetics industry in Poland.

The installation enables the treatment and decision of contaminated water in the production process. Thanks to the transformation of L'Oréal Warszawa Plant into a factory with a closed scenario, water from the municipal network of production is only as water for the finished product and as water for factory sanitary purposes, while the remaining water paid at the factory into a factory closed for the first time, water from the municipal network production is only as water going to the finished product and as water to the sanitary factory, while the remaining water paid at the factory into a factory closed for the first time.

- So far, in our plant, we have reduced water consumption by 40% in the base year 2005, with a simultaneous increase in production by 220% and an increase in the amount of water in a product bottle by 50%. Another in the fourth version of water handling and the introduction of the possibility of reducing by 60% is the Water Recycling Station, ul. "The green heart of factories". The opening of a modern gas station in a version of the valuable raw material required to exceed the consumption limit. Additionally, a permit for sewage to exit the plant. "All this is part of the concept of economic economy" - closed - Ewa Urbaniak, factory director of L'Oréal Warsaw Plant.

Launch of the water database at the L'Oréal factory near Warsaw for the implementation element of the development tool.

- Reducing the use of water is one of the goals we set ourselves in our global program under the Sharing Beauty With All fields of sharing beauty with stamp. We have indicated in the key areas the areas in which we want to start intensive activities for our environment and employees. We announced the program in 2013 and defined it very late at the end of 2020. These include, among others, waste shelf life, CO2 emissions and water consumption, says Niels Westerbye Juhl, president of L'Oréal Polska and the Baltic States. Reduction due to the program, by the end of 2020, the company will slow down water consumption by 60 percent. compared to the 2005 base year. The Kanie accident station will bring L'Oréal closer to this goal. Similar installations already available at four other L'Oréal plants around the world.

L'Oréal Warsaw Plant consistently implements the action specified in the program. According to the report on the implementation of the Sharing Beauty With All program, by 2018 the factory reduced water consumption by 40%, CO2 emissions by 38%, and generation for a one-off end product by 38%. What's more, since 2011, L'Oréal Warsaw Plant does not waste waste in landfills - it recycles it fully.