The British are giving up plastic bags


Research in the United Kingdom shows that more and more people are paying attention to what they are packing their products into.

The Green Alliance report, conducted on the customers of five major supermarkets in the UK, shows that consumers are increasingly choosing organic bags to pack their purchases.

Market owners do not hide that these are very important questions about the possibility of replacing plastics with plastics used ecologically substitutes were the driving force of change. One of the supermarkets noted a 800% increase in customer inquiries about ecological packaging methods for purchased items.

Consumers who give up plastic bags do not set exactly the same expectations. It is important to opt out of a plastic bag to choose a product that has the least carbon footprint.

According to a study by Greenpeace and the Environmental Invest Agency Agency, UK supermarkets bring at least 59 billion disposable plastic packaging to the market every year, on average 900 pcs per capita in the UK. Flooded 3% of packaging is intended for use.