Laptop offset


Laptop manufacturer Lenovo plans to implement its compensation program for new Think brand products globally as part of the ongoing CO2 Offset Services initiative.

Lenovo has unveiled plans to introduce a carbon offsetting program for purchases from customers around the world. Positive trials in the Nordic countries contributed to this decision, in which 26,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide were compensated.

The program was first launched as a pilot in the Nordic countries in February 2020. During the first nine months, customers helped offset 26,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to nearly 1,800 flights in Europe.

The company plans to implement the program this year worldwide, in all European, Middle East and African markets, as well as in the Asia-Pacific and North American markets.

The compensation system takes into account emissions from the production and shipping of every single product and up to five years of use by consumers. Offsets are implemented under projects supervised by the United Nations and ClimeCo, which is one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide emission units in the US.

Lenovo is focused on long-term decarbonization. Last year, the company set targets to halve its emissions and reduce the impact of its value chain by 25% by 2030, with the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.