There are fewer and fewer "cinders" in Krakow


In the capital of Lesser Poland, the settlement period of last year's subsidies under the Low Emission Reduction Program has ended.

There are still around 2850 old stoves in over 2050 buildings. According to Jan Urbańczyk, director of the Air Quality Department of the Krakow City Office, this means that 97 percent residential, public and office buildings are heated in an environmentally friendly manner.

From September 1, 2019, city guards, employees of the UMK Air Quality Department and the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection carried out 4,156 inspections - planned and intervention - to comply with the ban on smoking in coal and wood. During this time, 207 offenses were recorded, 51 fines were imposed. In 149 cases, cases were referred to court and residents were instructed six times.

In the budget for 2020, further financial resources have been earmarked for programs subsidizing the pro-ecological activities of Kraków's residents. Of this, PLN 3 million for the decommissioning program for solid fuel heating installations, PLN 2.5 million for co-financing renewable energy sources installations (heat pumps, solar collectors) and PLN 3 million for the thermomodernization program of single-family buildings. City councilors will decide on the implementation of these programs in the coming months.